Rhino 3d version 6 Training for Jewelers

Rhino Level One training

Learn the latest version of  Rhino 3D.  Instruction is from, licenced Rhino instructor, Gary Dawson.

Students will need a Windows computer and internet access. (minimum computer system requirements)

Portland Jewelry Academy worked with Gary to develop a better way to learn CAD

The standard training for Rhino 3d level 1  has 6 individual 2 hour classes. The 2 hour classes happen twice a day for 3 days. This is a hard way to learn and retain the vast amount of information presented.

Learning CAD is like learning a foreign language.

CAD drawing 4 view Rhino3D 6

The powerful program will do almost anything you ask it, in other words "it does all the work". If you can't communicate with the program it won't be able to do what you need!

Portland Jewelry Academy increased the regular class length and has real live jewelry specific material.

Instead of 2 hours, each class is 3 hours long. The course is also on line, held only once a week and we added an extra class to make a total of 7 classes over 7 weeks. Each class is recorded so you can review it over and over again if you need to. The extra hour of time in class allows for one on one help with any dead ends or problems you may have gotten stuck on through out the week. Instead of finish the course with your head spinning, students feel empowered to start m

4 view rendered rhino 3d


Many different CAD programs are available to use.

Rhino 3d is hands down the best program for jewelers to learn. The other programs work well to but Rhino is the most used professionally in the jewelry trade. Jewelry specific programs like RhinoGold, Matrix, and now MatrixGold are very powerful and excellent jewelry is being made on them every day. They in fact run on Rhino!! and cost many thousands of dollars more. They have jewelry specific menus that makes them fast to use. The only problem with the short cut menus is that every thing looks the same (ever wonder why all the jewelry at Big Box stores looks the same?). You will still need to know Rhino in order to get the most out of them. Learning Rhino first will also help you to evaluate the other programs and know if the features are right for you.

Rhino 3d version 6 curve

Contact Portland Jewelry Academy for information on the next Rhino 3d class

The class can be taken with the free trial version of Rhino 3D and then purchase the commercial licence.

Registered students of Portland Jewelry Academy qualify for the student version of Rhino 3D at a much reduced price!