CAD for 3D printing with Rhino 3D

CAD is the first step in 3D printing. So what are the types of 3D printing? This Video made by Gary Dawson has nice explanation.

version 6 can be purchaced or a 60 day download

download 60 day trial or purchase version 6

CAD/CAM  gives the professional jeweler another "tool" to create quality jewelry.

CAD/CAM has two different tools that are used together to make an object from an idea. The first tool is CAD (Computer Aided Design) it is a computer program that jewelers use to design jewelry. CAM (Computer Aided Machining) is the second program it will convert the CAD drawing into special instructions. A CNC machine or a 3D printer then reads the CAM instructions to make the object.

While many companies use their own CNC machine or 3D printers. Many smaller shops and independent jewelers simply outsource the CAM portion. There are many companies that will print or machine for a small fee.

Rhino 3D is the most used CAD program in the jewelry industry. Many other industries use Rhino 3D to make everything from shoes to skyscrapers.

Portland Jewelry Academy offers Rhino instruction in small online classes. The instruction is focused on the jewelry trade.

Classes are held once a week with many follow up tutorials and assignments in between classes. Each class is recorded and students can re-watch anytime between classes.

Expert instruction by Gary Dawson takes what can be a complicated program to learn and makes it intuitive, creative, and fun.

Each online class is recorded and for you to revue, Contact Portland Jewelry Academy to attend the next class!

To help insure complete understanding. Students may revue lessons as many times as they need.