Portland Jewelry Academy takes the foundation of learning seriously. A bad foundation on a house effects the whole house. A poor education for the foundation of your jewelry education will effect all you create. At Portland Jewelry Academy we teach not just how to make beautiful jewelry but why the metal and tools behave as they do. The jewelry projects at Portland Jewelry Academy have been developed to teach specific core skills that build on each other taking full advantage of every hour of class to maximize skills learned and be able to apply these skills to what ever you create.

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"Setting the foundation for quality jewelry creation."

"Jason Chandler has many years manufacturing and designing jewelry. For anyone wanting to learn these precise skills or wish to improve them, he is an excellent teacher. Jason's assertive yet patient style of instruction is very effective. His broad based knowledge of designing, manufacturing and stone setting make him a top choice for people wanting to operate at a professional level. Anyone wishing to attain a high skill level will find what they need from Jason's excellent instruction."

Michael Field

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